The Feedbacks latest album delivers a loud, epic storm


The latest from The Feedbacks is as rock and roll as it is garage as it is grunge as it is punk. Kyle Cloutier’s vocals are eviscerating (in “the good way”) – the pace is full throttle, timing is DELICIOUS and the guitars blast into your head the same way your favourite, most dangerously fun party animal friend explodes through the front door, shouting “Get the fuck outta my way – I’m here!”

“Shame I Know Your Name” has a bassline straight outta Nirvana-Bleach-land, “The Pitt” – so help me GOD – I get the non-cheesiest Sebastian Bach vibe EVER, (and I hope to GOD that comes off as the compliment it’s meant to be).

“Drugs” is riff heaven, it’s…Rancid, it’s…Distillers, perfectly polished and still so raw – heart-wrenching – “movie soundtrack good”.

Beautiful back-up vocals and harmonies …almost …beachy – particularly on “Lemongrab.”

“Secret Girl” is stadium sized rock played on the dirty side of the bar – and the SLEAZIEST bass EVER comes at the album’s “climax” – “Sex in a Car” – I’m not even going to reference Les Claypool (even though I just did) – but, that bass, though!

This is a storm of a record, loud, gritty and EPIC – but it tears through you like a hurricane and will leave you sweating, panting and whispering: “Ugh… God… that was sooo good.”
I want some more.