Leighton Bain’s The In-Betweens takes listener on emotional journey


“I know just what it means to be lost,” Leighton Bain sings on his latest EP, recorded in Nashville. And listening to it, it feels like he is searching through a wilderness of sorts – into uncharted territory, armed with memories, hurt, determination and a desperate hope that love will find a way to rise above and make it all okay.

“When that morning sun wakes up, will you fall me in love again? And we might find a safe place.”  The In-Betweens is about hesitation, uncertainty, emotional desperation – but rather than feel hopeless – it’s fueled by a romantic and constant search for something bigger.  

“Give me something to hold, and I’ll show you something that I’ll just let go.” It’s as much about re-discovery as it is discovery. It’s a constant ying-yang of emotion. Admiration. Jealousy. Infatuation. Tender love.

“She’s never gonna love you the way she loves me.” The production is lush, hearty – full of harmonies and feeling. There is a theme of walking away, of leaving behind, but never fully letting go of happy memories or the wreckage of one’s past. Perhaps, it’s about the sweet space, in between. Most of the  songs barely cross the 3 minute mark and it makes Leighton Bain’s latest release one you can easily lose yourself in.