Diane Motel creates folky bliss on Lonesome for the Colour


You have to smile when you see the name, “Diane Motel.” We’ve all driven past the establishment.  A bit of an oddball motel in a random part of town and it’s just kind of …always been there. It’s familiar. Unexpected but charming. Humble…but welcoming. And (wait for it): That’s kind of what the band sounds like on their debut release. Folky, soulful, introspective – music meant to be listened to on a front porch or a dusty road trip.

Made up of some very familiar names from Windsor’s music scene, the sounds and harmonies blend beautifully into a rich, full wall of folky, perfect bliss. The yearning and aching Get Through to You is MEANT to be played on a jukebox in a lonesome roadhouse after midnight. Wishing Wells on the other hand, is hopeful and full of promise – a celebration of actually finding and KEEPING the love that most only sing about searching for or losing. Bottleneck is a nostalgic look back and I can’t imagine anyone not seeing a bit of themselves in the story as it unfolds. I’ve been waiting years for an official release from Diane Motel and it was every bit worth the wait. Enjoy your stay.